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I would highly recommend RIK Enterprises. I had a kitchen remodel years ago. ( a different company). I have two beautiful sinks made of granite ,attatched undermount to counter. One of the sinks has had a leak in past a few times. Original company attempted to fix once. And another also tried years later. Would eventually leak again. After calling a lot of places who said nothing was possible; other than to grind out sinks and try to find a replacement , I was suggested RIK by a cabinet company. They came, and although it was a tough job , it was able to be fixed!!! At this point the bottom piece was hanging by the plumbing. They even came on a Saturday and fixed it all! They were very nice and professional. Kept things as clean as possible also!

Thanks to all,guys who came, owner you was willing to attemp the fix!!! Also, price was very reasonable for a hard job !! Will recommend them to anyone !!

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